My Current Talks

The following topics are currently offered as talks and workshops but please do contact me if there is anything in the field of emotional well-being you feel I might enjoy talking about. An idea of what is, or can be, included in each topic area is given below.

Each topic area can be ‘tweaked’ of course by discussion.


Stress basics including what it is, how it affects you, the fight/flight and the relaxation responses, and the negative bias in the brain.

Quick, simple things you can do to improve your stress level including relaxation and mindfulness exercises, guided visualisations and advice on the ‘right’ sort of diet.


Sleep basics to help you understand what it is, why we sleep, its stages, recommended lengths, and what disturbs it

Quick, simple things you can do to improve your sleep including lowering your stress level, helpful morning and evening routines, the best sleep environment, and advice on the ‘right’ sort of diet.


What it is, what it is not and its value to you. 

Quick, simple mindful techniques that work. 

Mindful communication in the workplace.

Emotional well-being

What ‘emotional well-being’ is and the value of being emotionally well.

How to improve your emotional well-being using relaxation, diet, exercise, sleep and envisioning.


The pressures on teens today and how you as a parent can help them cope well, how to communicate well with your teen and how to help them deal with stressful and difficult times.


How to help your children (or you) prepare well for successful, low stress revision and exams. 

Advice on planning, diet, exercise, sleep, techniques to revise and how to be calm in the exam room.

The enneagram 

What personality is, its role and what the nine personalities in the enneagram are and how to relate better to each type. 


  • Talks, workshops and online courses can be designed and delivered to suit the needs of the business. Their content, layout and length can all be bespoke after discussion. 
  • One to one discussions and group discussions are also available via Skype etc or in person. 

In addition, I offer:

  • day and weekend retreats where people can start or kickstart their meditation practice
  • discussion with individuals on a particular matter which allows practical advice and techniques to be given - topics covered thus far with people include sleep, stress, negative thinking, social reluctance, the effects of the menopause, and how to be a better partner.

Costs, excluding expenses


Upto 60 minutes plus q/a       £250

Longer workshops

90 minutes                                 £350

Half day - 3 hours                     £550

Full day - 6 hours                      £750

Bespoke online courses

By agreement after discussion


£900 per day for upto 15 people

Private consultations

By agreement after discussion