How emotionally resilient are you?


I’m sure you’ll not be surprised to learn that there are lots of scales available to score a person’s resilience level. Many are much longer and more detailed than the one I offer you below, but I like the simplicity and ease of use of this one.

Score your response to each of the following statements using a 0 – 5 scale. 0 = you strongly disagree with the statement and 5 = you strongly agree with the statement.

  • “I view setbacks as temporary and expect to overcome them with ease.”
  • “Any negative feelings I do have don’t linger long.”
  • “I am very comfortable with uncertainty and am quick to adapt to changes in my life.”
  • “I always focus on solutions rather than problems and make things work smoothly.”
  • “I am strong when difficult times appear in my life.”
  • “I enjoy being a part of a community.”
  • “I am loved and valued by people.”
  • “Criticism and bad experiences teach me something.”
  • “I love my life.”
  • “I am respectful towards myself and other people.”

Total your scores and read what my view of this total might indicate:

0-25   – low resilience which means you struggle with stresses, setbacks, criticism and pressure. You sometimes feel hopeless and helpless.

21-40  – medium resilience which means you could improve your ability to bounce back from setbacks.

41-50   – high resilience which means you are emotionally well-balanced and bounce back well from setbacks and learn the lessons they offer.