My background

Being curious about what makes us tick probably meant it was inevitable I’d go into teaching teenagers for 36 years - after all they do offer us all such great opportunities to learn more about life, relationships, ourselves, about what’s important to us, and much, much more. I loved it! Overseeing the emotional well-being of a school community with over 800 teens for 18 years was not only a privilege but also great fun. Most of the time!

If you have one or more teens in your household you'll know that they are fantastic people but they often find their teenage years difficult to negotiate. So those around them can be offered huge challenges!

In 2014 I left teaching to work more closely with families and businesses because the difficulties teens face can rarely be resolved in isolation from the family. And the pressures on families with a struggling teen often can’t be resolved in isolation from the workplace. And parents struggling with a difficult home life often find it hard to perform at their highest level in the workplace.

What I do now

So now I spend my time offering help to individual teens, parents and companies in enhancing people's emotional well-being so that any problems can be minimised for all concerned. And so that the lessons given can be learnt fully. This field allows me to pursue a wide range of interests such as stress, sleep, personality, and mindfulness.

This help is given in person, online or via books and online courses. But whatever the platform, the advice is always practical, appropriate, easy to follow, and supported by modern science. Whether it be the spoken or written word the language used is always accessible and free from jargon! Talks, webinars and workshops are delivered in a relaxed, easy, empathetic, discursive manner so that people leave with a memory of an enjoyable session which was focused on workable solutions that they can start to apply to improve their lives  immediately. On-line courses can be ‘off the shelf’ or bespoke to suit the needs of the individual, family or company.

I offer practical guidance and tailored advice to individuals and families who are struggling.  And when a family member is finding life difficult it frequently impacts negatively upon the workplace.

My work centres on  well-being. The aim is to help people be the best version of themselves they can be, to be as content with themselves as possible and to see the value of everything and everyone that appears in their lives. This benefits people and businesses because if people are more content and harmonious they are more successful in their work.

In short, I teach people how to relax, how to be mindful in their lives and in their communication and how to meditate.