21. Exam advice – see success

Dear Isaac,

Picture the scene. Really picture it. You could try sitting still, closing your eyes and really getting into this scene. As if you’re there. (You have to read it first!!)

You’ve worked hard for your exams. Really hard. Harder than you thought you could. Certainly harder than your parents expected. You sat in and walked around your room for hours and hours. 

You gave up lots of time to learn stuff you really didn’t relate to. You stayed in and revised when lots of others were out enjoying themselves. You really thought you couldn’t do it. You didn’t understand a lot of the stuff when you started. 

You had lots of times when you nearly gave up. But you didn’t. You kept going and proved to yourself and to your friends and to your family that you have stickability, drive and can focus on your work even if you don’t won’t to. Well done you. Truly. I’m impressed. Even “well-impressed”!

You sat the exams and even went into the exam room with confidence. You knew you had tried your best to understand the material. You learnt the information and learnt ways to keep calm in the exam. You tackled the papers with great timing and even tackled those questions you couldn’t understand. A little! 

You came out of the exams feeling quite pleased with yourself even if you didn’t show it to anyone. Now the results day is here. You see yourself opening the envelop. You scan the results and see you scored really well. Better than lots of people expected. In fact, they’re great results for you. 

The world is your oyster!

See those results now. How do you feel getting those numbers on that piece of paper? Pretty great? Hold onto that smile, that pride, that pleasure, that relief, that desire to jump up and down and shout. Now you can go to the college you want to and do the courses you want to and get rid of all those subjects you really don’t like at all. Isn’t that a fantastic feeling? Just feel it now. 

That feeling is ready for you. It’s waiting for you. You can get that feeling. Remember this feeling when the going gets tough in your revision and in the exam room. You can do this. You can get that feeling. Stick at it. Keep going. Believe in yourself. I believe in you

Big congratulations to you for reading (or listening) and thanks for liking these blogs (or saying you liked them like the polite person you are!)

Best of luck. Truly.