How to achieve stress-free GCSE revision

Exam stress is real. It hurts. And it's growing as a problem year by year. This book aims to tackle this by showing a large number of ways in which both the student and the parents can help make this critical time far less stressful for all the family.

It outlines what stress is, how it works in the body and then offers many practical and easy techniques to reduce it. These focus on planning, diet, exercise, relaxation, sleep and visualisation. In all these parents can (and are shown how to) play a massive part to help their child.

What is meditation? 52 questions and answers

I have taught meditation to students and adults alike for many years and in this time I've encountered quite a few questions! Some have been straightforward, at least on the surface, whilst some others seemed to be more intriguing. This book is an attempt to answer the most frequently asked ones as well as some that provoked deep reflection in myself and my groups!

This book probably does not answer all the questions ever asked about meditation. But if you have any others please send them to be and I'll answer it to the best of my ability.

Gardening for the soul

This little book takes the view that the processes in gardening and spiritual growth are very similar. We start with where we are, or what we have now. We then decide to change and devise an overall plan based upon those factors that motivate us the most. We will meet and overcome, or not, obstacles, both expected and unexpected. We look at a range of options to carry out our plan and decide upon one. We then commit to it and follow it with discipline, hard work, humility, good humour and flexibility. And we know the work will never end. It certainly doesn’t in my garden!

Is gardening a metaphor for a good life?